Looking to add an element of

mystery and excitement

to your special event?

Prepare to take a leap of faith and journey to a place you never thought possible as renowned mentalist David Jaison captivates you with his sophisticated demonstrations of mind reading, influence, and powers of suggestion tailored to your specific venue.

You and your guests will absolutely question your reality and be left wondering for days what you just witnessed. Whether an intimate gathering for 20 of your closest friends or a theater of 1000, David’s unique show is interactive and engaging, as he connects with everyone in the room.

Be confident that while David’s act is astonishing and mind blowing it is also clean, and family friendly.

Everyone will develop an immediate rapport and feel at ease the instant David steps to the stage and says hello.

Think your thoughts are safe?

Think you are above the influence?

Let David transport you into his world where the boundaries of what’s impossible are possible. David’s flexible approach is adjustable for practically any event such as intimate gatherings, galas, theaters, cocktail hours, bar/bat mitzvahs, company gatherings, conferences, product launches, retreats just to name a few. He is currently developing a corporate structured program with an emphasis on team building skills. Treat your guests to a program they will remember for the rest of their lives!

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